Pet Safe Artificial Grass Cleaner

Pet Cleaner for Artificial Grass

Our unique artificial grass pet urine remover, Pet Clean, has been specially formulated to remove the uric acid from the pet urine that is clogging the turfs drainage holes. It also keeps the sub-base clean and odour free!

Don’t stay inside to avoid the smell of pet wee, get back out and enjoy your garden!


A simple system that automatically mixes our remover with the water and sprays it onto the affected area leaving it ready to use!

Perfect for use in kennels, on AstroTurf areas, tennis courts and your garden.

Odour Free!
Clean & safe

Urine Remover For Artificial Grass

Simple &
Easy To Use

How To Use With Our Spray Bottle Nozzle

A Urine Remover For Artificial Grass That Really Works While Remaining Dog Friendly With A Great Smell!


Our pet wee remover for artificial grass is a unique formulation that is designed to break down the uric acid in pet wee that is clogging the drainage holes in your turf. By breaking down the uric acid, the smell is able to be washed away through the drainage holes removing the smell of pet wee from your artificial grass.

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