Why does artificial grass smell?

Did you know the reason most artificial grass smells of dog urine is that the uric acid crystals from the dog wee gets stuck under the turf in the sand or MOT sub-base. When it is there it crystallises.

These crystals release ammonia and are a breeding ground for bacteria which gives off a really horrible smelly gas.

We know that a lot of dog owners find themselves spending endlessly to try and get the smell under control. We have discovered that most artificial grass pet wee cleaners aren’t designed to remove the source of the problem, they merely mask it.

Why choose Pet-Clean

Our specialist pet wee remover treats the issue at source. Pet Clean is designed to:

  • Remove pet urine and waste from the base of grass blades
  • Remove mould and algae from grass blades
  • Prevent mould re growth from grass
  • Unblock the drainage holes in artificial grass backing
  • Dissolve uric acid crystals

Very simple to use.

How to use with the nozzle

  • Pour the concentrate into the bottle attachment.
  • Connect your hose to the nozzle attachment.
  • When you run your hose, the concentrated formula will be prepared at the correct dosage, ready to use.
  • Simply pull the trigger and go!

How to use without the nozzle

  • Mix 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water.
  • Soak 4 m2 of turf well and leave for 20-30 minutes and rinse well.
  • Make sure to soak all surrounding areas and repeat weekly or as needed.

Fully biodegradable and safe for pets

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